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Michelle Desjardins RMT

Registered Massage Therapist, Reflexologist

   Michelle Desjardins became certified as a registered massage therapist in 2003 after graduating from Sutherland-Chan, one of Canada’s leading massage therapy colleges. Over the course of her 12 year career she has developed a practice that consists of a wide variety of treatment based massages.  She incorporates a variety of deep tissue and relaxation techniques, swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and many more to treat acute/chronic stress, sciatic pain, shoulder/neck tension, repetitive strain injuries and tendonitis, amongst others.

Reflexology is based on the Chinese principle that reflex zones on your feet correspond to other parts of the body thereby stimulating the body into healing itself and restoring it’s natural balance, a state known as homeostasis.

Michelle is also been  a certified foot reflexologist for 8 years and has met clients seeking help with various conditions including migraines, poor digestion, stress and respiratory issues. But by far the main reason clients seek treatment is for the feeling of general well being a foot reflexology session will often leave you with. Since she is a registered massage therapist she is able to utilize a lot of massage techniques that greatly contribute to the feeling of repose a session induces.”

A foot reflexology treatment lasts 60 minutes during which a client’s feet and ankles are treated while they are resting on their backs fully clothed. The feet are bathed at the start of a treatment with moist hot towels and then lotion is applied to facilitate the techniques.  Foot reflexology is recognized by the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario as a massage therapy modality therefore as a registered massage therapist Michelle issues a receipt for a 60 min massage therapy treatment at the end of a 60 min reflexology session

 Michelle’s proudest achievements as an RMT include working backstage with the Riverdance company irish dancers during performances and treating clients living with cancer at the Princess Margaret Lodge in Toronto.
 Michelle believes in compassionate and refined care and In her spare time Michelle loves to read, draw and relax with her family.

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